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Personal Coaching to Accelerate Your Performance in All Areas of Your Life

By building awareness around negative, past behaviours, we can permanently turn old patterns into new, empowering ones!

The objective of personal performance coaching is to help you to overcome your limiting beliefs and increase your self awareness, inspiring you to develop fresh mindsets, and a new motivation to fully achieve the results you are capable of, in all areas of your life.

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The focus of our Personal Performance Coaching is to build self-awareness and Emotional Intelligence to:

    • Understand your individual conditioning and how it impacts who you have become, your behaviours and the way you see the world.
    • Understand why your emotions are a driver for everything you do.
    • Build awareness around how others behave, and how to manage it.
    • Learn how your own experiences & beliefs affect how you react in conflict situations.
    • Identify the limiting beliefs that are not serving you for desired results.
    • Bring your ‘whole self’ to work and encourage co-workers to do the same.
    • Eliminate ‘imposter complex’ and personal insecurities helping to bring out your inherent strengths.
    • Learn self-acceptance and acceptance of others’ unique perspectives through a deeper understanding of self.
    • Understand State Management and how to use it to change your feelings and positively influence others.
    • Implement daily strategies and tools to create sustainable change, not just at work, but in every area of your life.


How does it work?

First, we develop a predetermined goal through an initial assessment; we dig into all areas of your life to understand the core reasons for current attitudes and behaviours.  

We then develop a customized, weekly, phone or video meeting series designed to refocus your mindset and create accountability for the prescribed daily tools and strategies - tools and strategies that are personalized and designed to ensure positive changes in attitudes and behaviours are sustainable long term.

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